It’s Raining Worms! (Or, OMG, I’m Running a Half Marathon in a Pacific Northwest Monsoon)


Flickr photo,aur2899’s. It was raining too hard to take out my phone and snap a photo

Every once in a while, I check in with my sanity radar. Sometimes it is broken. Case in point: April 6, 2013, Yelm, Washington. Q.What could be better than driving 2.5 hours on a Friday night, getting lost while looking for the only hotel in the area, spending the night, and running in a cold downpour for slightly over 2 hours? A. Just about anything!!!

This particular race came to be after an extensive internet search of all the half marathons I could find within a reasonable driving distance, that would get me qualified for the Half Fanatics.

Becoming a Fanatic was of utmost importance to me BEFORE May 5th, 2013, because that is when the Tacoma City Marathon takes place. This is the tenth year anniversary of the Marathon Maniacs, and, well, you just HAVE to know who THEY are! There’s going to be a huge number of Maniacs and Fanatics, a party, special medals, and ….need I say more?

Last year I qualified for the Maniacs, after running two full marathons in two weeks. (Isn’t that why I got injured?) I signed up for the Tacoma Full, but with my recovery going slowly, I have to switch to the Half, or risk epic failure of mind, body, and soul. I have learned my lesson about pushing too far,  too fast, too soon.

So my daughter Dede and I braved the ridiculous weather, and finished in a very legit time of 2:11:36. Not bad for my first comeback half! Did I mention that I ran the first 5 miles inside a huge black plastic garbage bag? I looked like a giant black Sponge Bob. I wouldn’t let anyone take my picture in that get up, so don’t expect evidence.

Here we are sitting in the car 50 feet from the start, staying warm and dry before the race

Here we are sitting in the car 50 feet from the start, staying warm and dry before the race

A soggy and cold finish

A soggy and cold finish

I will complete my second qualifying half marathon this Sunday in the Vernonia Half Marathon and Marathon. Then it is off to Tacoma for the party!


That's my girl! Dede qualified today for Half Fanatics!

That’s my girl! Dede qualified today for Half Fanatics! (Notice the beautiful ring on her finger. She’s getting married in June!)

So here we are both qualifying for some crazy club, running in the rain, and questioning our sanity, when it dawned on me that this is exactly what I love and get giddy about with running.

There are challenges, pain, excitement, new friends, achievements, temporary failures, and successes, all in the name of fitness and fun. Running can so much more than lacing up your shoes and heading out the door for the drudgery of trying to stay in shape or loose a few pounds. 15 months ago, I was a solo “jogger”, just experimenting with the sport to see if I could make it a routine. Now I am the member of several running clubs and groups, I’ve run marathons, half marathons, a Ragnar 200 mile relay, numerous 5k’s and 10k’s, and made friends all over the country. I’ve even started blogging about it.

I plan on doing this nutty sport, with all it’s trappings for a very long time. I used to think I couldn’t run because:

1.) I have a bad back

2.) I don’t have the time

3.) It’s bad for women

4.) It’s too cold

5.) It rains too much here

…plus many other reasons, but none of them matter now, because it IS what I do. Through injury, recovery, bad weather, GI issues, fatigue, cold, heat, and snow, because I love the whole world that running has opened up to me. My fitness level has soared, my attitude is great, and I am getting stronger every week.

You might see yourself in my rantings, and I hope you do. I love hearing other people’s stories and learning what got them started and what motivates them to keep going. What goals have you set for this year? Mileage? Speed? A particular running event?

Whatever your goal is, you never know what you might find along the way. Who knows? It might even start raining worms on you one day!