Helvatia Half Marathon


June 9, 2012. Brr, this started out freezing. I was so nervous. I planned on running it with 2 girlfriends but after needing to stop for an emergency pit stop at the first porta potty station, I lost them. I tried to catch up and actually saw them up ahead, but then I realized that I was running at my 5k pace and I was only at mile 3. With over 10 more miles to go, I knew I had to settle in and pace myself. Dork that I am, I didn’t bring my ipod, and I had never run alone without music at that time. I thought I was doomed. I learned a sweet lesson that day. running without music is the bomb! I made so many friends along the run, chatted it up with all sorts of people, and got to enjoy the scenery with no distractions. This is a race I will run again, for the route, the scenery, the hills, and the final lap around the stadium.

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