Let’s all Take a Chill Pill

I am a news junky. I read several different news websites daily, and scan the comments at the bottom of most stories to see what peoples’ reactions are. Here’s mine: Holy Mother of God. What’s wrong with everyone? Seriously, I have about had it with all the verbal attacks, whining, name calling, and negativity out there. Yesterday I was driving and witnessed more than three different episodes of “road rage” within a half hour. Does anyone have any coping skills anymore?

What gives, people?

What gives, people?

Short and sweet:

Today I have decided to write a post that doesn’t have anything to do with  running or triathlon training. My blog is about how I navigate through my own challenges and how I am seeking to do positive things as life “throws stuff” in my way. Well, damned it, people are bombarding my world with crap and I’m sick of it.

Maybe it’s that government shut down that had everyone on edge. Maybe it’s the fat ass hypocrites we voted into office. Maybe it’s the change of seasons, the economy, the fact that you can’t get a decent cup of coffee for less than $3.10 anymore. I don’t know, and I don’t care. Stop treating people like garbage because your world isn’t perfect!

As I write this, I have just come from being with a friend that has cancer in just about every major organ of his body.Chemo has caused his hair to fall out, and his coloring is different every time I see him. Guess what? He was smiling  and making jokes. The only negative thing he said was that the Chemo or Radiation makes things sound  like he is in a wind tunnel, and his eye sight was weird. No complaints. No bitching. Just facts. He wasn’t angry. His smile was radiant.

So here are my questions: Is the world going to be a better place if you scream at someone? Is the person on the receiving end of your criticism deserving of your wrath? Do you need to step back and made the DECISION to be  positive?

Take a chill pill once in a while. At least switch to decaf.