Welcome to Running in Muck!

Welcome to my new website and blog for Running in Muck!

My bucket list is huge, and one of my goals is to have a blog where I can share ideas, stories, advice, humor, and insight about¬† tackling the challenges of being an empty nester, while maintaining your sanity, fitness, and (rapidly disappearing) youth. I’m meeting those challenges head on,¬† though I do think that sanity is over rated. In fact, I rather think that keeping myself on the edge of “all out crazy” is the best place for me.

I’ll be talking about finding new hobbies, taking risks, falling down, crawling back up, and learning that some days it’s ok to cry over spilled milk…(spilled wine deserves an all out tantrum) I love to laugh, sing, dance in the rain, and behave badly- so as to embarrass my kids, but I keep it all in good fun. I hope you will join me on my journey, and find that you are not alone in yours.

Stay tuned!